A Patented Technology in Musical Instrument Membrane, Made for the Musicians of Today, who believe in acoustically sound Erhu, made without the needless killing of animals. To find out more about the technology of the EcoErhu Membrane, please click here.

Dark Rosewood (Dalbergia) EcoErhu African Purple Sandalwood Erhu Multiple-Tuning Black Sandalwood EcoErhu - Zhonghu, Erquan (Alto erhu) , Normal Erhu ALL IN ONE
A sweet, mellow traditional-sounding erhu that is sensitive in the high notes as well as repsonsible enough for highly technical pieces. A must-buy for the performing musician. A sweet-sounding,responsive and acoustically perfect, all-rounded erhu that can rival top end erhus all-over. Quality measured materials that is scientifically calculated leaves nothing to chance and everything is within control of the luthiers. 3 Erhu in 1: ZHonghu, Erquan Erhu and Normal Erhu in 1 EcoErhu
Thai Rosewood Erhu Cambodian Scented Rosewood Erhu black sandalwood erhu
Thai Rosewood Erhu
Our Price: $229.00
Cambodian Scented Rosewood Erhu
List Price: $99.00
Our Price: $99.00
Extremely balanced, well toned and easy to play erhu with additional depth in dynamics. Top seller for orchestras and ensembles. Priced for the beginner, but good enough for the concert halls. This erhu sound excellent for its price, and would be the perfect erhu to make everyone start to play and enjoy erhu playing! A very balanced sounding erhu with a added strength in dynamics. Highly sensitive at high registers without compromising its mellow sound.
Mid-Night Black - Black Sandalwood EcoErhu EcoErhu Black Sandalwood Ocatgonal Gaohu - for Professional Orchestra Recordings Recovered Rosewood (Aged Rosewood) Erhu for Concerto and Soloist Performers
Recovered Rosewood (Aged Rosewood) Erhu for Concerto and Soloist Performers
List Price: $599.00
Our Price: $599.00
Sale Price: $599.00
Setup Cost: $0.00
Designed for the Erhu music who wish to have a subdued design, and yet unique Erhu. The Midnight Black Collection uses only pure Black Sandalwood for all its accessories, and even the trim-line is made using dark colored acrylic lines with Tortoise Sehll Motif.

Sounds Exactly like what you would hear in a Black Sandalwood Erhu.

Even on all registers, boasting of deep basess and clear midtones and highs
EcoErhu created this model of the Gaohu with the modern musician in mind. Clean sweet tones, coupled with high sensitivity towards dynamics and uniformed sound, enables the orchestra to have unformed tones within the Gaohu section, and making the section, in tutti, blend in together as one section.
This Erhu is meant for serious concerto performers who demand the maximum out of an Erhu, and is designed to play traditional concerto pieces.