Professional Musical Instruments without the needless Killing

EcoErhu started as a project in 2009 to replace the snake skin membrane in Jinghu, the Peking Opera fiddle, as it was prone to weather conditions and split whenever the weather got too dry. As we progressed, we realised that the sound of the instrument can be improved upon by fully mimicking the natural structure of the snake skin. The project slowly expanded to include Erhu, Gaohu, Zhonghu and Shamisen.

As required by the international markets, Erhu became the focus of our research and in 2011, EcoErhu was formed, with specialists in material engineering, chemistry, Erhu performers, composers and musical experts leading the way. The first Patent for EcoErhu Version 7 was filed in late 2013 - EcoErhu Membrane with the unmistakable Erhu timbre, and yet no requirements for the unnecessary killing of animals, spared from the unpredictable weather, and for the first time, we can fully replicate the actual details of the python skin membrane structurally and at the cellular level for its making on the erhu and other instruments.

We welcome any feedback and would be more than happy to assist musicians worldwide with any queries they might have.