EcoErhu Resources
To learn the Erhu, its a lot more than just buying the instrument. We need instructions, sheet music and gace-toface interactions. While not all these may be possible, we try to provide as much as we can to enable us to get better on the Erhu

So, you have purchased your first EcoErhu! Now its time to learn the craft of Erhu Playing.
For a start, most people would like to figure out how to play the Erhu by themselves before committing to a learn from teacher in the long-run. As musicians, we understand the frustration of getting the techniques wrong and even more so when teachers are not always readily available, and many players probably don't read Chinese.

Hence we recommend the following instructional books

Playing Erhu: Bridging the Gap

"Playing Erhu - Bridging the Gap" by Patty Chan is easily one of the most popular books too, for a good reason.

It boasts of the most comprehensive coverage for the beginners, from setting up to notation reading and musical practices for one to learn the various keys. Combined with Patty's knowledge in Erhu Pedagogy, this is a treasure trove for beginners and teachers.

From a musician's standpoint, it covers most grounds and even grounds not covered in traditional Sino-centered Erhu learning such as staff-music reading and the order and progressiveness of learning makes the learning curve better for most beginners.

Bonus: Online Access to Patty's playing and recordings certainly make it easier to learn and it comes with an Android version for the tech-savvy ones who have a tablet.